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Astrology of Friday, January 3

There is a feeling of nostalgia for the past...a realization that things we knew in our childhood are forever gone or altered. Paradoxically, this opens the way for greater acceptance of the new technologies to be admitted into our present day lives. Accepting that things as we knew it are gone, we are more ready to step forward with new technologies into the future. But here is the kicker. Our minds are not completely open - we want to make the new into the image of what we have known. By not being open to a completely knew vision, we stop thinking outside the box. We are not admitting that we don't know everything - something new and with untapped potential may be on the horizon. If we only look at things in terms of what we've known, possibilities are immediately limited. Humans dislike change, and unfamiliarity leaves us scratching our heads. But it is going to take something new and radically different to address climate change. Something new on the horizon must resonate with us or we could perish. We are going to have to leave our comfort zone to find solutions. Emotionally, this is hard.

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