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Astrology of Wednesday, January 8

I've put off writing this because I am sick at heart over the news from Iran, the impeachment trial and Australia. None of the three are good news, but problems are emerging under the almost full moon and the eclipse.

The full moon is a time of seeing more clearly the problems seeded at the last full moon. Problems are clear and stark. We are having a lunar eclipse on January 10. The Moon represents the will of the people. It will be eclipsed by the Sun, representative of Executive Power. Right now, there is tension between Venus (allies) and our actions (Mars). So, we won't have international endorsement of the President's actions. Currently, the Moon is on the President's belligerent Sun-Uranus-North Node, a time for addressing the people (about time).

Tellingly, the President spoke at a time when the South Node is connecting with Uranus in Taurus. South Node is very characteristic of this President, because it insists on re-establishing the past, holding onto power in a changing world, and the Uranus in Taurus introduces disruptive, chaotic events related to finance (sanctions). His speech was very confusing, another Uranian hallmark.

All this is happening against the backdrop of a Senate impeachment trial. It is a desperate attempt to deflect attention away from the impeachment. I thought that would happen around the time of the trial. Unfortunately, it has.

A sensitive point has been created at 23 degrees Capricorn. Expect this issue to rear its ugly head every month as the Moon cycles through the zodiac for at least 6 months. A desperate attempt to assert old, broken authority will occur every month that other planets are also in challenging aspect.

Climate change, as the devastating wildfires in Australia prove, needs action now, not denial. Denial is deadly. We only have a decade to turn this around. It will affect the livelihood, residence, peace and wealth of every person on the planet.

For those with any planet in Capricorn, and the signs Libra, Cancer and Aries, they are facing such a plethora of planets in Capricorn, that they cannot miss feeling the effects of the full moon and eclipse. I believe their souls have opted to be in the world at this time. What can you contribute to the problems we face. Creative visualization and a commitment to set things right can be the intention.

On a personal level, where are you facing a situation that is broken, but just won't die? Existing norms are broken; it can't be solved by looking at the past, but looking toward the future.

This will be a tough year - we may see extremes of behavior, from facism to letting go of paradigms that no longer work in favor of building structures that do work. The stars do not compel a person to act in a certain fashion. They inform. We always have free will in how we respond. Beyond 2020, I believe we have planetary reason to see the pendulum swing toward liberalism and progressive thinking.

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