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Astrology of Thursday, January 9

The rules of the road have changed.. It would be simplistic to say that men are looking at traditional rules of authority; women have turned their back on traditional rules of authority and are more future-oriented. Simplistic, yes, but not completely without truth. There are obvious exceptions, stil...if you say the male parts of personality instead of men and the more feminine or right brained qualities instead of women, you are totally right. And there is some noticeable friction between the male and female approach.

During the lunar eclipse tomorrow, emotions are heavy. It is a very dark and moody time, nationally and individually. But, there is a silver lining to that emotional cloud. Under the influence of Sun conjunct Mercury, and in the light of the full moon, it is going to be hard to keep secrets. It may appear that men have the upper hand. And in the Senate, it may seem as if MConnell can bring a Trump trial to a speedy conclusion, but I don't think that will happen. TheSun/Mercury, and the Uranus/Jupiter aspects make it very likely that secrets are exposed, the intellect is discriminating and can see through lies, and a spirit of revolution prevails.

On a personal level, secrets are seeable and understandable, if one looks closely enough. Distraction and the emphasis of style over substance can be perceived. Follow your heart. If it quacks like a duck, it may be a duck.

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