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Astrology of Saturday, January 18

Today is the Women's March in St. Louis, and it is a good day for women, whether they are in themMarch or not. Today, women have allies and glamour. Their appeal is based on their highest principles and the ability to see deeply below the surface. Their philosophy is progressive and humanistic. They seek to merge the authority and traditions of the past with the new technologies and new philosophies.

Many men will be confused by women with whom they share a significant relationship. They lag behind in understanding that the structures of power and broken. They are optimistic that the old order will prevail. Women lead the way in insight. And why not? The traditional power has been patriarchal, not matriarchal, and it is hard for those in power to give it up. Some men will be confused; others fight for what they feel they have, not understanding that however tightly they hold to the present, things are changing.

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