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Astrology of Tuesday, January 21

The Sun has moved into the sign Aquarius, a sign associated with individualism. It declares that everyone is equal, important and to be appreciated for their own unique genius.

The ruler of Aquarius by transit is in staid and stale Taurus, a very practical sign. So the Aquarian energy is a little more staid and security oriented than usual. Nevertheless, Aquarius and Uranus are always wild cards. Today, that unexpected (and therefore often upsetting) energy is more easily absorbed by women. Uranus and Aquarius love freedom. Females, or those with a lot of feminine energy have compassion for humanity as a whole, stemming from a deep love of truth and the ability to adapt.

On the other hand, men, or those with a lot of masculine characteristics, are more apt to be disturbed by a departure from the status quo. There is a clinging to the known, even though many structures supporting that are more sham than reality.

These differences can cause tension with authority figures or male partners.

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