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Astrology of Wednesday, January 22

Families are trying to find a way to integrate some unexpected, unforseen, perhaps upsetting, news with the life they have gotten. Odds are, the past is the past and is changed because of this new development.

Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, is moving toward the Pluto/Saturn conjunction at 20 degrees Capricorn. It is a sensitive spot it is going to. Something is being let go which is necessary to move forward. New structures have to be built to support the new reality. These will begin to be built in earnest in December, 2020. But the emphasis, for now, is on letting go. Change is hard for humans - we are change-averse!

Maybe all you want is a warm hug from your significant other. But there is tension between the sexes today. A warm hug may be coming, but it may feel like a cold, cold, rigid and bleak time for some. It will improve, and that hug is there, even if you can't quite feel it yet.

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