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Astrology of Friday, January 24

Thew new moon is at 3:45 today, so tidy up lose ends before then. Then all systems are go! The planets are all moving forward, in direct motion, and with the Sun and Moon in Aquarius, things are apt to focus on an individual's wishes, goals and hopes - every person's right to be a king or queen - not just the authorities.

Aquarius is big, about freedom, lots of it, and looking at what is for the good of humanity as a whole. It's more about the forest than the trees. And it is inherently political, too. Uranus was very pivotal in the American and French Revolutions, which were about the rights of man, not hereditary descendants of power. Power to the people!

We are on a waxing, or growth cycle for the next 14 days, and as Aquarius energy is more aligned with liberal causes than traditional authorities, the Democrats may get further along in the Trump trial than expected. Pluto and Saturn are still in Capricorn, so there is a strong desire to beat back the will of the people, and a desire for fascism and the rule of the past. Putin's dismissal of his legislature is proof of that. But if the will of the people here is strong enough, it can serve to move in new directions.

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