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Astrology of Saturday, January 25

Rest or action is one set of opposites today. There maybe a desire to kick back and take care of your business by doing nothing, but a nagging sense of duty gets you moving. Or it might be that you are confused and don't yet know what to do.

New, unexpected news is causing traditional leaders some indigestion - difficulty including these things into their idea of the world. Whether it can fully admitted yet, a radical and progressive viewpoint has appeared and will not go away. You can't unsee it!

This is as true for world leaders as for individuals at home. We all live under one sky, one set of stars. There is an intuitive sense that reality must incorporate new ideas into reality, a mourning of the past by some who benefited from the status quo, but a difficulty in being rational about it. Some will be in denial.

There has been hard to digest information about climate change and its impact on food production. Changes are coming. They must, in order to move forward.

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