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Astrology of Sunday, January 26

Biding your time to speak can allow you have time to vision and to think through how you will explain your ideas to others. The moon is in the sign Aquarius, so blurting out ideas can happen, but in this case, it is handy to have a little time to think it through.

There is an "invisibility" anyway from others, who act on what they think

you want, not necessarily what you really want. You may have to explain your ideas more thoroughly than you feel you should need to - in order that you bring people along with you. Unless they are VERY intuitive, put your 'splaining hat on. Particularly the ladies. People who have more masculine, fiery attributes may blow right past your ideas - not to be mean, but because they are not taking time to observe deeply.

New innovations, highly practical ones, can be a bit shocking or disorienting for those not prepared for change. Something that doesn't serve you well is dying. A door must close before another opens. Having a strong philosophy to rely on is key.

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