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Astrology of Friday, January 31

Change doesn't come easy, does it? The amount of difficulty in absorbing change is in direct proportion to how much we want to hang on to things as they were. And don't beat yourself up for having difficulty; we are humans and change is not easy for us.

We are in a phase of breakdowns in order tobreak through. A new reality has come to pass, whether some like to gloss it over as temporary or not. Adjustments are beginning to be made so that actions better refkect our feelings and intuition.

Former power structures, the authorities in our lives, are no longer serving us so well. Particularly true for Capricorns, Aries, Cancers and Libras or those with planets about 2/3 of the way through those signs. Drawing on the traditionally feminine resources of compassion, reaction and caring will help you reformulate your concept of who you really are. What is your essence? What work are you here to undertake. Let's start there.

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