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Astrology of Thursday, February 6

Gentlemen, listen to your ladies. They may be a touch more in tune with the times than you are. Although you are definitely starting to match your actions to insights. That unexpected news you have gotten isn't fodder for denial as much as adjustment. Things are more readily apparent to you than before, but some tension still exists.

Under the light of a nearly full moon, you may see that things are not exactly as they SHOULD be, but you are starting the lumbering process of realization, then adjustment. It is getting there.

Old ways and old authorities are not the way of the future. The way of the future, as long as it takes to get there, is more caring, more feeling than the macho, stiff upper lip way that has long been a cultural norm.

You will see this very clearly under the full moon on Sunday, February 9. Under it's light, tidy up loose ends, review situations. Do this before either sex initiates something new.

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