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Astrology of Saturday, February 8

Tomorrow afternoon will be the full moon, a time of seeing clearly projects begun about 2 weeks ago. So today is a good time to initiate any projects you wanted to get started. Tomorrow will not only be report card day for the projects of the last two weeks, it will herald a good time for tidying up loose ends, reviewing and editing - but not so much for new beginnings.

The wild card - upsetting or unforseen events that have disturbed the family, or women, in general, are tough. Wouldn't it be nice to have a warm relationship to serve as a safe harbor against the ups and downs of the world. There is still some tension between what is hoped for and reality between the sexes. This period may feel dark and lonely, but .that may be a stress response. Making a united front and finding refuge in the relationship might be one of those things to review. There may be a way to make it better,

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