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Mercury Retrograde: Don't Go Making Mountains Out of Molehills!

Today, Mercury will lumber about from direct motion and begin an apparent retrograde journey through Pisces. At these times, when direction changes, the retrograde is most powerful. It will change directions again, on March 10 (an election day!), an equally potent day And it will pass the point where Mercury first went retrograde on March 30, a less important date, but some of the nature of the retrograde might remain until that date.

The retrograde will be especially meaningful if you have planets in Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer, the watery signs, or in the signs Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius.

So, how to turn the "oh, no!" often experienced during the retrograde to an "Okay!"? Working with the tenor of the times is the first way. Pisces likes rest and quiet, It is a time to review, revise and edit - not, if possible, to initiate new projects. Meditate, think things over. Do not try to be too busy doing things, or you may find missed appointments, problems with electronic devices or lost keys slowing you down so you have the chance to rest, mediate and think things over before jumping into something new.

Problems sometimes emerge under a retrograde that seem like a mountainous obstacle. Once the Mercury retrograde is over, you may realize it was only a molehill after all. Lose your i[ad during the retrograde. Once it is over, you may find it. An old lover comes back during the retrograde. Unless something else is going on, like a Saturn tie, he may disappear once the retrograde is over. Send out a lot of job applications on the retrograde? You may get a lot of responses during the retrograde, which may end after Mercury goes direct. Things that happen during a retrograde are often fleeting and impermanent.

If you must make a big new purchase - a computer, car, a new phone, or enter a contract, just know that you should understand the purchase as completely as possible. Read fine print carefully. And be aware that you may need to repeat the process or do it again when Mercury is again in retrograde - even if some time has passed since the initial purchase. Must have a new computer and can't wait til Mercury is out of retrograde? Read the fine print and be prepared that you may experience a breakdown or repair during another Mercury retrograde.

An old lover returns during the retrograde or you send out job interview letters? You may have a lot of interest on the retrograde, but don't be surprised if interest evaporates once the retrograde is done.

Get the most out of this time by chilling and reviewing - or you may have to do it, anyway. Which can be frustrating. When I sold my house, I got an offer on the retrograde, but it evaporated once the retrograde was over. I did not want to apply for a loan during that time, anyway!

Because the retrograde is in Pisces, a hint of otherworldliness may surround it. Connect to the magical in your life, and be aware of synchronicities during this time.

Those unprepared may experience a recurrence of addiction problems if such things existed before.

In Pisces, dreams really can come true, so meditate - and dream a good dream!

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