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Astrology of Friday, February 14: Valentine's Day

The family has seen or heard something upsetting and/or unexpected. Actions ensue. They flow easily as a natural consequence of this unforseen event. There is a strong feeling of needing to do "the right thing"" based on the principles and ethics of the family in question. Men and women handle things differently, which can cause some tension. Notice I said differently. It is very tempting for women in this equation to feel they have the upper hand morally. They might, but maybe it is two different modes of operation. So maybe don't judge too quickly.

Politically, the majority of people in the US are seeing some very disturbing actions, and they feel these actions call into question the laws of this country. It may look like they are not so offended, but there is a real tendency to talk about ideals and ethics and to act to remove obstacles based on the new information.

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