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Astrology of Thursday, February 27

March is not far away...just this Sunday isMarch 1. Spring is only 30 days away, so long gray days will give way to new growth.

But for now, Mercury is retrograde, so reviewing and revising existing issues/projects is favored over initiating new projects. However, the new moon has given way to a waxing or growth cycle, so things. have lightened up a bit. New projects are being though through. On March 9, we have a full moon, which enables us to see things with great clarity. If this seems like a mixed message, it is. You may feel restless to get respond to what you see, but keep the brakes on until the end of the month, if you can, to reap the best rewards for your efforts. It is time to (metaphorically) prepare the garden for planting, but not yet to plant.

Then on March 10, Mercury stops and goes back into direct motion. This will be a significant day. Pay attention to how it affects you. At that time, your faith must meet the test of practicality - your beliefs and principles must benefit you and others, otherwise what good are they? Even thoughMercury is direct on March 10, there maybe some of that trickster energy around til March 30 when Mercury passes the point it first went retrograde. Then, brakes are off, and the energy is go, go go!

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