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Astrology of Friday, February 28

Women and men in relationship with each other are working together more harmoniously. Isn't it a relief to be on the same page. Freedom and adopting new and innovative practices, often in response to a circumstance the family did not see coming, are required for this to work. There is an awareness that certain old authorities and traditional patterns of behavior are not working well. These old ways are breaking down. It is obvious they are broken, and something new needs to emerge. The new paradigms are still in development - we are stil in the breakdown phase. The authority of the wealthy is broken - we see this publicly in health care, in the response to the coronavirus (a lot of happy talk, but efficient effort? Deep cuts in the CDC have come at a time when their efforts are needed. Not to mention the dip in the economy. I believe these issues are a prelude, maybe a very harsh one, before seeds can be sown for a new way of being. A new deal that is radical is needed, and it may not happen unless it is in response to a crisis. After all, Roosevelt's "democratic socialism" agenda, which said free markets alone were not enough to fix the Depression, ushered in the era of social security and medicare. I believe that 2020 will be a difficult year as Pluto and Saturn are traveling together for their final hurrah before action can be taken in 2021 and beyond to address issues that are broken.

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