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Astrology of Friday, March 6

The family, women in particular, are having a hard time events. with unexpected events. Men might find some relief in staying busy. The main impact of some upsetting events seems geared to the more feminine partner.

There may be actual physical work on the home or property, and the cost involved is an unexpected hit to the budget. Recent events are causing women, in particular, to reevaluate the structure of their life.

Currently, Saturn, which rule structure (and time) is currently in a sign it rules, Capricorn. Saturns proximity to Pluto, the great transformer, suggests that the old order is broken down. After a sojourn in Capricorn, Saturn moves, on 3/23, into the sign of Aquarius. It should give us a more liberal and progressive bent. Rome wasn't built in a day. New structures won't be built in a day, but it indicates a shift in thinking. The breakdowns may become breakthroughs with a little time.

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