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Astrology of Sunday, March 8

Unexpected events regarding relationships may occur. This is happening in sensual and peace loving Taurus. A new relationship could begin. Your heart is open right now, no matter what kind of relationship you are in - or even if you flying solo. People from the past, or someone you may have had business with from a past life, may make an appearance on the scene right now.

This is also true if your relationship is already in existence. Good time to review old issues and explore new ways forward. In fact, you can both see and say things that foster a greater need for freedom within an existing relationship. You may find new information a little hard to digest, but if it fosters greater freedom and individuality for you or a partner, or someone you are in relationship, it is ok, because it is time for that information to occur. This is a great time to love, not blindly, but well.

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