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Astrology of Monday, March 9

For the sake of an increasing need for freedom and individuality in a relationship. the family is wiling to make adjustments. But that does not make these changes easy. A man with a critical wound behaves in a way at odds with his family. They perceive confusion, but it is so hard to see clearly. Men keep doing what needs to be done, but the temptation is there to surrender to the need to disappear or to indulge in an addiction, be it alcohol, drugs, computers or daydreaming. Actions that are helpful continue, but what is going on inside the psyche? That is a little harder to fathom.

The old order is dysfunctional and will begin to be restructured toward the end of the year. Progress begins on March 23, but itis just a beginning.

The moon is full today, so there is probably an awareness of the need for adjustment, although it may not be fully understood. And Mercury is about to end it's retrograde action. So the time to review, revise and edit are coming to a close...BUT the Moon is ushering in a reflective stage, so hold your horses another 14 days, till the moon is flowing in a more action oriented phase.

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