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Astrology of Tuesday, March 10

Families, and American people in general, long to go back to the status quo they knew before shaken out of their complacency, they were faced with a very new and different set of circumstances. The comfort of the familiar has been replaced with something new. While there may be emotional disgruntlement, we are faced with a new normal and the challenge of making it work. Those who are less driven by their emotions and move ahead, just "doing it", are less likely to suffer from paralysis analysis. This is the new normal; the old order was far from perfect. In fact, breakdowns leading us to breakthroughs are what will take us to the next step.

The fact that this is in the air on a primary election is telling; the results in the polls will be interesting. Mercury is set to move ahead. Jupiter is leaving Capricorn on March 23 for more progressive and humanitarian (and political) Aquarius. Let the games begin!

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