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Astrology of Sunday, March 15

There are a lot of people who are the "walking wounded" out there. Carriers, perhaps, of a virus or people that just don't see they might be infected. Self isolation may be indicated by the Sun/Neptune conjunction in Pisces - the need to disappear from sight. It is an inconvenience, but self isolating can substantially flatten the curve of virus transmission. We have the power to change the course of the disease.

The presence of Neptune in its own sign, Pisces, has already heralded one epidemic - the opioid crisis. Now, there is a link betweeen population-wide disease through social contacts, aided by Mercury that rules the hands and perception- eyes, mouth, nose (taste, sight, smell).

While the dark face of the disease is very dark - death, contagion, fear - there is a lighter face - families getting to spend more time together, cooking and taking care of the home. Those things are as sacred as how we care for our bodies. Being in a good environment raises our vibration and strengthens the immune system. For those in isolation, there is time to mediate and pray. For Mother Earth, she is bearing a lighter burden of place and car travel and hitting a pause button -much as fasting does for the body. Love and light and safety to everyone.

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