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Astrology of Tuesday, March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day! The will of the people is righting itself in response to surprising and population-wide changes. The ground is fertile for the people to actin harmony with their best interest, and even the deniers are getting on board with a reasonable response to the pandemic.

Most people understand the risk they face. As a fundraiser, I found the American people to be generous and kind, for the most part. That same level of concern is being enacted as the crisis mounts. It takes a few days for the unaccustomed to become accustomed to become common.

Mercury rules our health. Mercury is in the more compassionate sign of Pisces, which is a good thing. Mercury also rules children, and as it moves nearer to Neptune, an invisible god that rules infection, among other things, children are being seen less as schools close because of the virus. We are seeing the Sun, epicenter of ourselves, move toward the realm of Chiron, the wounded healer. Perhaps we will see some spike in infections in the next 5 - 9 days. We are breaking down to breakthrough.

As you are home, treat your home as your sacred space - the health of your environment - no clutter or broken or sharp objects - directly reflects on the health of your body. Be well and be safe, and I hope you have all you need.

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