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Astrology of Thursday, March 19

Something new is being sung into existence through this spreading breakdown of the social order. I won't go into all the astrological details and bore half my readers.

I had a look at the United States chart, and it does reflect a time of great change, with the progressed sun (how the identity has grown)) of the United States now conjunct Neptune, the often invisible and unconscious sea-god. Of course, we are in a time of rising seas, but the larger message reinforces the theme I have been seeing- through great social change, the banking and financial systems have must radically transform, and little but a global crisis would cause this. Leadership, symbolized by the Sun, is lacking.

Although I believe we will see a dramatic (scary) uptick in cases within a week - fortnight, I do think cases will level off as we reach cancer. in July or late summer. There is also good reason to hope for the best. We have been through pandemics before; we have seen financial crises. We will survive, but our form may be radically different. This is a year when each American must decide who they will be - what is the national identity?

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