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Astrology of March 24

Some big changes are in the air! Today is the day of the new moon - we are just past it now - but the New Moon kicked off a new cycle, lasting about 14 days. It is a great time to make a new beginning.

The action is happening in the sign of personal identity. Individuals demand their concerns and are at odds with tradition. What is good for me - and what is good for me now?! The new moon is on Chiron transiting Aries, so the question will be "Who am I". What will I stand for". For some, this could degenerate into selfishness - i.e. the viral video of a woman buying up all Costco's paper towels and toilet paper. Many more will ask what can I do to benefit my neighbor? What do I stand for?

The friction between self-interest and the interests of authorities and tradition will clash. The US has an Aquarian moon, so I think a big section of Americans will resonate with the progressive, liberty loving face of the sign.

And even bigger news - Saturn, that planet of reality and its limitations has dipped its toe into a new sign..liberty loving and progressive Aquarius. It will not return to Capricorn, a conservative sign of tradition, again until July 2. And Saturn is going to be activated and energized by its union with the planet Mars on March 31.

Saturn leaves Capricorn permanently (for 12 years anyway) in December 2020 and Jupiter, the planet of expansion and opportunity will join him there.

So much of the news has been dominated by a conservative, true-to-the-past voice this year. This new emphasis on Aquarius leaves more emphasis on the will of the people...and the future, not the past. Mars can be active, aggressive or assertive in its effects. Since we are talking about humanity, we'll probably see a spectrum. A weak response to these planetary energies. A strong response will allow the infrastructure underpinning new freedom to be built.

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