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Astrology for Monday, March 30

Today the Moon, arbiter of emotions, is in the eternally curious and youthful sign of Gemini. The Moon is in a challenging aspect in Pisces, so there may be a dreaminess and a thought process that isn't totally grounded. Imagination takes flight.

There is also tension between the forces of change and the structure you have built in your life. This tension can increase the tendency to go off in a flight of daydreaming or using alcohol or drinking or overeating to help manage the stress.

We all need a dose of change, but maybe we aren't prepared for it. Our challenge is to find a way to use the energy for change creatively and practically rather than destructive revolution. Once that path is clear, we can start figuring out what structures are needed to support creative, practical change.

It is not surprising the President issued a guideline to stay isolated for another month. The planet of communication, Mercury, is holding hands with Neptune, an isolating influence. This occurs in the double sign of Pisces, two fish, which is in friction with the emotions, whether or not this is a consistent line or if its evil twin message pops out.

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