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Astrology for Wednesday, April 1

Today is April Fool's Day. It has a special meaning for me because 72 years ago my teenage parents skipped my great grandfather's funeral and eloped. And the whole thing was no joke.

Today is a good day for families, particularly with children, to communicate their feelings. This may not happen in a verbal way, but a body centered, or gut level way. Your loved ones may know you are receptive and caring. At the end of the week, chattyVenus moves into the verbal sign of Gemini. That might be a time to verbalize feelings.

aturn, the planet of restrictions, limitation and structure have joined each other in the humanity-conscious sign of Aquarius. Mars is a planet of action; Saturn is prudent and cautious. Put them together, and it can be a little frustrating as they often cancel each other out. A good use of this energy would be to plan and put into action, ideas that make humanity a better place for us all. No hoarding, no me first mentality. Call a friend today and see how they are or contact a shut-in to see what they need.

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