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Astrology of Thursday, April 2

Today and tomorrow, the United States will face some significant challenges. The Aries Sun currently is in a challenging configuration with the United States (Sibley chart). That means the essential center of this country's identity is squaring off with what is happening now. Isolation and time at home is favored. Sure enough, there was an announcement by the sun (leadership) saying federal stockpiles are used up.

The public is in isolation (Neptune in Pisces trine the moon), because they must act alone. No cavalry heading down the path. (Uranus square Saturn and Mars). Venus has been in stable, enduring and practical Taurus, a financial sign, but values are changing. On Saturday, April 4, she will change signs from Taurus to Gemini, meaning we may see the best and worst values. Mental curiosity and investigation into the facts will begin to help individual actions through a more effective infrastructure (eventually).

On April 15 (you really can't make this up), Venus will hit the Uranus in Gemini of the US Chart, in the 6th house. We've often had a war when a planet triggers that point, and the war against Covid-19 may hit a new high around that date. That is also when it is predicted that the peak of the death toll may be reached. This war against the Virus may take on a newly deadly, serious tone. Without testing, we fight a phantom. It may be more real then. And I think that the toll on first responders and those who serve in essential businesses will spark an outcry.

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