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Astrology of Friday, April 3

As always, what is happening above, in the heavens, is an accurate reflection of what is happening below, on earth.

The lovely planet Venus has dipped her toe into the air sign of Gemini from the rather stolid earthy sign of Taurus. There is beginning to be a willingness and a curiosity about how do I relate differently? Where do I need a leap of faith? (Neptune to Jupiter) How do I relate to the challenge of changing circumstance and what sort of support do I need to make changes?

The alignment between men and women is harmonious, so they may be on the same page to a greater degree than the recent past.

Pluto, the force of transformation (whether you want it or not) is conjunct with Jupiter, which means Covid-19 is still in the spreading phase, and this is in challenging aspect to the dwarf plant Eris, who has little mercy. We are in a period of the decay of that which no longer serves us well, and it will eventually be pruned away, but we aren't at the pruning phase yet. And there is a contingent of those in authority who do not want to see these changes. So change will be forced upon them, but it will come. Probably next year or late this one, but change is coming. And it will be the new normal.

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