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Astrology of Sunday, April 5

Today, a historic thing is happening. We have had a truly extraordinary

lineup of planets in Capricorn all year, the sign of traditional authority, often indicative of conservative forces. Right now, Pluto and Jupiter are in a tight conjunction, blending their energies. Its dark face is to take care of #1; the brighter face of the conjunction is to let go of things that are no longer useful and to take a leap of faith into the future.

My own bias is toward letting go of the elements of traditional authority - limiting healthcare of all types, looking out selfishly for your own commercial benefit (oligarchy), dependence on energy that is harmful to the planet we live on (fossil fuels) and anti-democratic (as in we the people) actions. I am in favor of taking a leap of faith, based on my truth, my sense of ethics, in a humane and compassionate way.

There is a lot of pressure coming from new, unexpected circumstances affecting very practical, often financial and social, aspects of life (Uranus square the planets in Capricorn). Life is not sustainable, long term, with those anti-planet, anti-people policies, so here we are. The pandemic is global - Neptune conjunct Ceres, for the astrologers in the crowd. And whatever caused global change EXCEPT a crisis? Without financial pain? Have people ever acted proactively to address a crisis? Not often, anyway. It costs money, never a popular thing. Even when the cost of being pro-active is so much less than remediation.

President Trump and his cohort of conservatives, have bungled their response to this pandemic. It will delay us in getting the economy back on track. That hurts them, because they are all about the economy. Will you, nil you, change is here. The conservatives longed to take us back to an earlier time, but there is no way they can stand against the inevitable march of change.

The earth is having a pause and re-set moment. LA is actually smog free. Let's pay attention and look at a future normal that is the bright face of this Jupiter/Pluto pairing. We are breaking down to break through, eventually. A new normal will prevail, whether or not it is good for the planet and humanity is up to each of us. Choose wisely and take care of one another.

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