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Astrology of Wednesday, April 8

This may be a stormy day in emotional relationships. You can feel keyed up and not know what to do with this surge in feelings. Backdrop: we are in a Pluto/Jupiter conjunction time (first of three this year - now, 6/30. and 11/12). Ethics and transformation The moon is also in its waning mode after the full moon yesterday. Time for review of past actions. A lot of this resolves down to change

You may feel more intensely today, sad and happy, that have happened recently. You may feel upset. At heart, though, you mare being asked to look at the past, letting it go and making a leap into the future. Even those who are not usually self reflective may look deeply into a matter that brings up an emotional reaction - vow to do things differently and move forward. Changing past behaviors upset us. We are human. But things aren't working so great as they are; circumstances are different.

It is no surprise that Bernie Sanders let go of his presidential bid today. He retained, though, his ethical response to transforming issues. Many of his ideas seemed radical; but they are becoming more mainstream. The movement to make life better continues.

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