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Astrology of Wednesday, April 9

Some frustration in the air today. There is a sense that people are fed up with the limitations imposed by authorities, necessitated by a sudden change in circumstances. Technology is not keeping pace with a rapidly changing environment.

It is really impossible for me to watch current events unfold and not see their echo in the stars. There will be a faction that decides the heck with it, I am going to do what I want, not the authorities. Other folks are working to isolate themselves because of their compassion and a sense of ethics.

Speaking of new technology. We are all waiting for tests, that never seem to get scaled up as we need them to be. It makes it hard for the economy (Uranus in the financial sign of Taurus) to reopen if we do not have the technology we need to keep us safe. However, the federal government has seen fit today to stop funding testing, putting the burden again into state hands. Little regard for the safety of the common man - or even that of first responders, hospital employees, etc. Is it any wonder that people are ready to take things into their own hands?

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