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Readings Available by Phone

In these uncertain, isolated times, turn to the wisdom found in the stars. The events in the world are eerily mirrored by the symbolism of the stars and their movement in your birth chart. Every planetary placement has a high expression and a low one...which one will you choose? Your free will means, while the movement of the planets during your lifetime are unstoppable, your response to them is not. The more conscious you are of their meanings, the more options you have to choose from.

Our souls chose to be born now. What are you here to learn? What do you have to contribute to society? All the answers are in your birth chart.

I also do cards and feng shui consultations. All readings are time-based: $20 for 35 minutes, $50 for a half hour; $75 for 3/4 hour or $100 for an hour. A reading comparing two charts (lover, spouse, child, etc.) is $150. Readings can be recorded.

You can reach me for an astrology, card or feng shui reading at 314-482-3017. Be well and stay safe!

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