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Astrology of Friday, April 17

A harmonious time between the sexes is at hand. It is going to last a while. Venus and Mars are in air signs, so ideas and facts can mesh harmoniously. In this time of breakdown of old institutions and old norms have disappeared, there can be a good relationship between men and women and a good balance of rest and action, too. Things manifest on more than one level.

It will be interesting to see how this new adherence to facts help people to see through the untruths told to them by people in power. There is going to have to be adjustment between facts and conservative philosophies (Venus in Gemini conjunct Vesta inconjunct Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn). As a whole, people are not dumb, and they can see through implausible statements. Furthermore, because of the Gemini factor actions (Mars in Aquarius) favors reporting of facts. Both the media and the intitutions of power will need to make an accommodation.

There are always two sides to every planetary aspect, so you will see some people look at facts very superficially, and feel justice is not being done to criticize those in power.

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