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Astrology of Monday, April 20

The center of our personal solar system, the Sun, is edging ever closer to the planet of individuality and revolution in the normally stable, steady earth sign of Taurus. We care intensely that our practical economy and values have undergone a thorough shaking up that will lead us to a new reality, whether or not we wish it to be so. Odds are, we are still mourning the death of our old, habitual "rut" as the emotional, sensitive moon comes closer to Chiron, the deeply wounded Centaur asteroid. Oh, yeah, we feel it. At the same time, Sun/Uranus is in a challenging aspect with Saturn in Aquarius, exact tomorrow, but we'll be feeling the effects for a few days. Saturn rules time and the limits of every day reality. So a new reality is being birthed, the need for which is being mourned, but it is reality, after all. Taurus being Taurus, will attempt to build infrastructure (Saturn) to support this new reality, in as comfortable fashion as it can do. This is not going to happen overnight. What the whole world will wake up to is a world transformed by new circumstances....a evolution in consciousness that will become more visible as we look back at it.

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