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Astrology for Friday, April 24

A great deal of restlessness is felt during this growth phase of the moon. There is a desire to get things done, reach for a bigger scope of action; however, even though the conservative powers are putting on pressure to reopen the economy, that does not mean that most people will choose an end to isolation or resist doing things differently than in the past.

It seems to me there is a nostalgia for previous, perceived security of doing things in a way that was more predictable and traditional. But the need to move forward in a revolutionary way is echoing strongly through today's astrology. Despite a feeling of being out of the comfort zone, there is a desire to revolutionize ourselves, to play the wild card. Not surprisingly, new technologies are represented in the chart by the union of the Sun and Uranus. There is an increased dependence on new technologies, like the internet, like doing business differently than the past.

Most people will not be opening things up, and they are weary of the misinformation fed to them by the authorities.

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