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Astrology of Monday, April 27

The first word that came to my mind is writing this post was teeter tottering. We are teetering between the energy to move forward into the unknown, out of our comfort zone and resenting the fact that new circumstances force us to do so while the authorities don't help! Old institutions we have counted on are just not working, and we have to go it alone. And people and journalists don't feel like keeping quiet about that.

About 4 hours from now, the Moon will be moving from the more externally oriented sign Gemini into the sign of Cancer, and I think people will be more reconciled to the need to work alone, in isolation. Cancer is a fertile and sensitive sign, so under its influence, people have a lot to work with in their own space. Cancer is the sign, right now, of our future destiny, so it is fraught with a sensitivity to what is needed to nurture their families.

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