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Astrology of Friday, May 1

Today is a day of critical action. There is a rather rare geometry present in the sky: A Finger of God Aspect. The Moon in Leo is facing off with the power brokers of Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn. This is an aspect of adjustment - between the will of the people, their own rights and the traditional institutions of power - government and corporations. At the same time, the moon in Leo is in an adjustment aspect with Neptune in Pisces, the will of the people out of sorts with the pharmaceutical companies and their sense of feeling victimized and isolated. The finger of God is resolved at a point directly across from the Moon in Leo. What lies at that point of resolution is Mars in the sign of the Humanitarian - Aquarius. The people revolt, take matters in their own hands and ACT in a way that benefits the rights of humanity. What we are seeing today is a strike, people standing up for their rights, against corporate interests, to keep themselves safe. Meat packing plants, Amazon, other corporate behemoths have not treated their workers with safety, and often without basic honesty. The people revolt!

And do not think for a minute that Georgia feels it is ready to open. If the Governor declares business to be open, but people feel it is not safe to work - the State is off the hook for unemployment because they are officially open for business. No one will help the workers but themselves.

Starting May 6, the Destiny of the nation changes, the retrogrades begin shortly thereafter. May will be an important month.

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