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Astrology of Saturday, May 2

The moon has moved to health care conscious and service-oriented Virgo. The Moon is in sync with new conditions and is determined to. operate within the parameters of completely new conditions to work at keeping people safe while reopening. Maybe it is the spring weather, or just that people are sick of being cooped up, but there is a desire to act and see what works.

This is not solely a response to pronouncements by the authorities that the economy is ready to reopen. No, pronouncements by authorities are eyed with a certain amount of suspicion. There seems to be a sense among America's people - not necessarily the monied class, that they must find methods that work for them - and that the calvary is not coming to rescue them. Their own common sense is what they have to rely upon.

Next Wednesday, we will see a massive shift in consciousness - the Moon's nodes will be changing sign. So get ready for a small shift that will grow and blossom and affect a generation - about the next 18 years. The shift will veer toward finding out the facts and letting the old traditionalists adjust as they may because their old philosophy is not working any more.

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