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Astrology of Monday,May 11

The week of planets going retrograde - apparently backward from our earth-based perspective - has begun. Saturn is retrograde today, going back toward Pluto in Capricorn and will wind up there most of the year until meeting up with Jupiter in 12/20 in the sign Aquarius.

Pluto, already retrograde, so running away from Saturn, and Saturn is heading for Capricorn - but the two never meet up in EXACT formation. Oh, they get close, but not exact, which is fine by me. The pairing of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn can mean throwback to the past for old institutions of power. It can signal fascism. It can also be a dismantling of the structure of power that no longer serves us. Being that this is happening to human kind, we'll probably see a sprinkling of all three, because people get to choose how they want to express themselves.

One thing is for certain, I believe, is that the third manifestation, dismantling of old power structures that no longer serve us, will happen. Let's say that Capricorn loses its cynical edge and becomes a conservator of the element it occupies - earth. That would be a delightful change from politics. Bad will happen and good, too. One thing for certain, as Pluto and Saturn travel through signs, a new cycle is launched. New issues, but also the dismantling and exposure of the shadow side of a sign. We can't fix our negative traits til we can name them. Under the current transit, we see clearly the effects of income inequality, lack of healthcare (compassion!). effects of homelessness, the consequence of having lost the Mother Land (Navajos have no running water during the pandemic, for example), etc.

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