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Astrology of Tuesday, May 12

Romantic daydreaming can bring inspiration to artists and creative types, but beware of confusing your ideal lover with a real one. Idols tend to fall off the pedestals we put them on and we find they have feet of clay. But as long as you don't confuse the ideal with the real, such daydreams can fuel fantasy. Romance and fantasy can be quite compatible.

A word here about tomorrow. Venus will go retrograde at 21 degrees Gemini. This can be challenging for Geminis, Pisceans, Sagittarians and Virgos. Venus Retrograde acts much like a Mercury retrograde. It works best when you behave slowly and introspectively. Not a time to try out the latest "look"- a new hairstyle or clothing. You may be quite disenchanted with the look when Venus goes direct again on June 25, 2020.

It is not a time to initiate something new in looks or relationship. An old lover who shows up on the retrograde may leave as quickly when Venus goes direct. It is not a good time to start OR END a relationship. Wait until Venus goes direct again in June. You'll know your own mind more certainly then.

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