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Astrology of Thursday, May 14

The planet Jupiter, a herald of expansion and opportunity, is standing stationary, lumbering around (it is big!), and going backward until September. Jupiter is going over old ground, a time for review, not new beginnings. The fact that Jupiter is moving toward Pluto in the sign Capricorn makes me think the wind is at the back - this summer - for the powers that be.

A number of factors shows that people are restless, impatient of restrictions. Even if people wear their masks and socially distance, there is a great longing for more social interaction and a return to past comforts and opportunities.

The administration may enjoy a lucky streak during the summer, but that doesn't mean the battle with COVID-19 can be ignored.There is a square, or friction, between the forces reflecting new circumstances and the planet Jupiter. It demands ethical actions based on science and new technologies. If we do not do this, then when?

Jupiter is often a planet of good fortune, but every planet has an undesirable manifestation, too. If Jupiter gets pompous, claims it has a corner on the truth and refuses to admit new data into its view of the world, that is Jupiter gone wrong. This is at odds with the nodes of the moon in Gemini/Sagittarius, which has a curiosity about facts and science. If Jupiter ceases to expand to include this new data, we'll soon see the consequences when Jupiter goes direct.

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