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Astrology of Monday, May 18

Chafing against restrictions of isolation is a feature today (Venus/Mercury in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces), the day that many states reopen. While opening up may be emotionally satisfying, the Moon in Aries is conjunct the asteroid Chiron. Chiron often symbolises a wound. With Chiron so close to the Moon, habits that are learned early and often unconscious, you might meditate on"How are my feelings affecting my reality and identity". Is this desire to be more social one that can wound me if I do it my way (Lilith conjunct the moon).

In other words, is the desire to get out and be more social a consciously thought out decision or is it one that may have consequences, but your emotions have had all they can take...regardless of the cost, you have to re-form the ties that are important to you.

No judgment here. You can only absorb and do what you can endure. Our logic says one thing, but our heart must agree.

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