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Astrology of Wednesday, May 20

You may feel impulsive and that you need to do something out of the ordinary. The Moon is conjunct unpredictable Uranus in Taurus today. So females, represented by the Moon, may make demands that men find too restrictive and limiting (Honey-do, anyone?)

It may be hard to settle and focus on routine matters. If someone tries to hold you back from impulsive action, you might get angry. Sometimes this is necessary to clear the air, although you may find yourself facing long term consequences from an act that reflected a fleeting state of mind.

The Sun in Gemini is also square Mars in Pisces, which reinforces some of this. Under this influence, be conscious of choosing assertion, not aggression or someone may be looking for chinks in your suit of armor. The best use is to buckle down and work, but it may have to be a project of your own choosing, not that you feel forced to do it.

If you find yourself feeling angry or impatient, unable to focus, angry at the demands of others, turn your frustration outward into a project of your own. If the energy is turned inward, it can result in an accident (watch out for sharp things or power tools) or illness. That is an extreme, and need not be true.

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