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Astrology of Friday, May 22

Happy New Moon! The Sun and Moon are united at 2 degrees Gemini, ushering in a growth cycle of 14 days - curiosity (about anything), chattiness, writing, communication of any type will be enhanced. Don't judge any new facts that come your way. It is a time to be open and curious and aware...even fascinated by the unusual. And to take that communication need to Face time, Zoom, meditation or journaling.

This will be an impactful 14 days for those with planets at very low degrees (0-5) Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces and very high degrees (27-29) of Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra. Things may seem a little nutty, but remember, the theme is new growth. With all those planets retrograde, it may feel a bit like a mercury retrograde. Meditation and turning thoughts within bring great rewards.

Gemini also rules the hands and the lungs - interesting since we are in a pandemic involving lung symptoms. And with all those planets retrograde - Venus (relationships), Jupiter (philosophy & principles), Saturn (structure) and Pluto (transformation), I don't know, honestly, what path this will take for mankind. For some, it will certainly be beyond their endurance not to socialize and get out. The cool conservative capitalists in our midst seem to have the wind at their back with people desiring to get out and normalize their life.

Will there be a second outbreak that we are fueling? It does seem to be in the works as an astrological and medical fact. But we can only endure what we can endure, so no need to pass judgment, unless you suffer from someone else's action. After all, that old saying is "Your freedom to reach out stops when the arm you are swinging slaps my face".

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