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Astrology of Friday, May 29

Have you had a come to Jesus, destiny changing conversation within the last few days? I have. A family meeting deciding where my aged father is living and how. Mercury, the planet of communication, is very near the North Node of the Moon - the area we examine to look for where we are going in life - our destiny. So, this may come in many forms...a decision you feel "fated" to make, based on your observations of new facts or behaviors.

The moon in Virgo is sextile to the node and mercury, too. Virgo often involves the routines of daily life, healthcare and diet. All of these things have an opportunity to be sparked as te very practical Virgo moon highlights them. Decisions about healthcare may include, what is safe (or pragmatic) for me to do in view of the pandemic and my changing needs?

The moon in Virgo, which acts as timer here, is also in harmony with new, useful technologies represented by Uranus in Taurus. And Uranus in turn is sextile (working with) Mars - putting your decisions into action. Mars is in Pisces, a planet of isolation, illusion/delusion, so these decisions are often caused by isolation, and false theories must be parsed out to find the truth.

And through it all, we have Venus in retrograde motion in sociable Gemini territory, wanting to re-create realities of the past. Venus had a financial face, too, so it may lead us to reopening things sooner than is ideal.

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