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Astrology of Saturday, May 30

What a week in the news! It seems every report brings a fresh assault on our ears...the Floyd George death, the Twitter wars, the investigation into Obama and Biden, seemingly supported by Lindsay Graham. I am not alone in just finding all this incomprehensible and painful.

Let's look at these activities through the lens of astrology. Yes, the numerous retrogrades have favored the authorities in following a fascist agenda - with Jupiter, the planet of expansion turning toward Pluto, a planet that rules police and power in the "authority" sign of Capricorn. You see it in Hong Kong and other places, too. Authoritarian powers are expanding right now. But all is not lost. For one thing, most of the retrogrades end by the end of summer. Planets will go direct and the wind will become a progressive gale, not a reinforcement of the powers that be.

Disenfranchised voices, symbolized by Eris, who represents those not heard by the traditional powers, challenging the Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn, are being raised. As Martin Luther King said (and I am paraphrasing) said, when people are not heard, riots happen. Right or wrong. It happens. Black children are taught to survive a traffic stop. Survive!

We have had a long history of racism in this country. Uranus in Taurus is ripping the lid off our racist structure that structurally privileges white people. New, systemic change can happen, Saturn in Aquarius. As these injustices are exposed, we must all decide who we are (Chiron in Aries), what our values are (Venus in Gemini goes direct in June) and what we stand for.

For now, the voices being raised are part of our destiny. People will put into action what they are saying. Progress is made through loss (Mars in Pisces) and some are just confused (Neptune in Pisces), but most are feeling compassion and anxiety.

It is obvious the status quo is not working. How can it be changed?

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