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Astrology of Sunday, May 31

The voices of the Unheard will be speaking loudly today through Actions (Mercury in Cancer trine Mars in Pisces, which is conjunct a nasty little asteroid, Nessu which symbolizes past injustices.). Both Mars/Nessu and Mercury/North Node are sextile Uranus, the symbol of new, unpredictable circumstances. The fact that the North Node of the Moon is involved means that this generation, now, has the opportunity to right injustices through their actions. New circumstances - the pandemic, phone taping, etc., wealth inequality, healthcare inadequacy, have set the stage for these past injustices to be exposed. What has been seen cannot be unseen. America has a choice in what values it chooses to express. Kindness and compassion vs. injustice and inequity or democracy or authoritarianism, capitalism or democracy modified by socialism (I.e. social programs like social security. This is symbolized by Chiron inAries and the upcoming Pluto return of the US Sibley chart.

There is tension between relating to people or isolating (Sun/Venus in Gemini vs. Neptune in Pisces,), and there is a desire among some to just have a quiet, feel good day (harmony between the Sun/Venus in Gemini, Moon, Juno in Libra and Saturn in Aquarius). However, I think Nessu will bring long term consequences that are not immediately evident.

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