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Astrology of Monday, June 1

Fairness and social justice is a face of the Moon in Libra today. The unheard will continue to speak out and vote with their feet (Mercury in Cancer trine Mars in Pisces). Some are inspired; some are flat out confused (Neptune in Pisces). Over it all hangs a feeling of spiritual reckoning - karma come home to roost. That is Neptune, at its best when it inspires our spirituality. At its worst, illusion and delusion swirl around the subject at hand, leaving us confused and in a dream world.

Neptunian deception and a sense of fate - in the form of confronting a long history of racially troubled behavior - that certainly covers the white protestors who have piggybacked on peaceful protests to accelerate trouble with looting and with the police. Today's trine between the Sun and Moon indicates an awareness that not everyone is fooled by such behavior.

The big difference between violence like that affecting George Floyd and lynchings in the past is the invention of cell phones, a newer technology. That explains the presence in the planetary stew of Uranus in Taurus.

These are dark times. Some are willing to abandon democracy (Saturn and Pallas Athene in Aquarius) and embrace authoritarianism (Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn) if they feel they will suffer by losing white privilege to minorities. An upcoming lunar eclipse on June 5 will symbolize the eclipsing of the people's will, I fear. The majority may see what is right, but that does not mean they will prevail the short run. There is hope, however, as the planets continue their march to Aquarian territory. The question is, how fast do we get there and what will we suffer until we do get there.

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