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Astrology of Tuesday, June 2

Today is a day when people look for justice (Moon in Libra), but feel they are challenged to receive it from the authorities (square Jupiter and Pluto inCapricorn, Saturn in Libra).

The mood turns darker and more focused on the issue of power as the Moon moves into intense Scorpio later today. This moon in Scorpio will be under the influence of revolutionary Uranus in Taurus - a restless energy that wants practical change.

when the Moon is in Scorpio and Neptune abetting it from Pisces, we may see deceptive maneuvers, behind the scene power grabs. People are angry, but I believe under the lunar eclipse of June 5, we may see some squashing of the protests that are happening spontaneously in city after city - Uranus in Taurus, perhaps? At that time, the will of the majority of the people may be undercut because of violence and looting. But things may not be as they seem, and look carefully before rushing to judgment - Saturn in Aquarius.

If you personally have planets at 15 degrees of Sagittarius, that is where the eclipse will take place. Pay attention to the factors in your chart that are Jupiterian - philosophical, open to new experience, learning and the houses where your Jupiter lies - all these contain clues to how you might react til the next eclipse season in November/December, 2020. If you don't know, you can check at or consult a live astrologer like me.

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