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Astrology of Wednesday, June 3

Wow! A magnificent formation is in the stars right now, indicative of a harmonious blending of the Moon in Scorpio, Mercury in Cancer and Mars/Neptune in Pisces. Uranus in Taurus is on the midpoint of Mercury and Mars/Neptune saying now is the moment! Revolution in response to changing circumstances is in the air! Here is a picture of the chart of the moment.

The unheard will continue to be heard through individual, spontaneous reactions. There is a choice: to act as a spiritual warrior (Neptune/Mars in Pisces) or to be confused or deluded by actions that are hard to see. This could be in the form of agitators among the mostly peaceful protestors.

Moon in Pluto doesn't shrink from looking at facts, however unpalatable, and is willing to take in the bigger picture that is revealing itself.

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